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    Online Catalog: Solar Panels PhotoVoltaic

The product catalog below is a price listing and more! A thumbnail picture is provided, and where possible, product literature is available for your viewing. If the Model Number field is a link, clicking on it will display a copy of the literature for you to view.

PhotoVoltaic Solar Panels
Manufacturer Small Picture Model Number Dimensions Voltage Amps Power Retail Price
KC35 (p1) 18.5x25.7x2.05 15.0V 2.33A 35 Watts $249.00
KC35 (p2)
KC40 (p1) 20.7x25.7x1.5 16.9V 2.34A 40 Watts $309.00
KC40 (p2)
KC60 (p1) 29.6x25.7x1.5 16.9V 3.55A 60 Watts $398.00
KC60 (p2)
KC80 (p1) 38.4x25.7x1.5 16.9V 4.73A 80 Watts $539.00
KC80 (p2)
KC120-1 (p1) 56x25.7x1.5 16.9V 7.10A 120 Watts $819.00
KC120-1 (p2)

no pix LA63 47x17.5x1.4 20V 3.03A 63 Watts $486.00

no pix LA102 38.9x34.2x2 33.8V 3.02A 102 Watts $758.00
Solavolt no pix SV7500 47.2x18.9x1.4 17.3V 4.17A 72 Watts $529.00
Solavolt no pix SV8500 47.2x20x1.4 17.4V 4.91A 85 Watts $609.00
no pix DV50 38.3x17.6x1.75 ?V ?A 50 Watts $546.00
DV5000 - (p1)

DV5000 - (p2)
52x27x1.5 16.8V 2.8A 47 Watts $329.00
Uni-Solar US32 (p1)

US32 (p2)
15.x53.8x1.25 15.6V 2.05A 32 Watts $235.00
Uni-Solar US64 (p1)

US32 (p2)
29.2x53.8x1.25 15.6 4.1A 64 Watts $384.00