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We've now opened a new online solar/alternate energy bookstore. Be sure to check it out! A little reading is the best way to get started, and we've selected titles that we think might be of the greatest interest to our visitors. Just click on the AP&L Book Store link.

THIS IS NOT A COMMERCIAL SITE!! We don't sell anything anymore. The information here is just for your personal non-commercial use. Enjoy it and I hope you'll enjoy the work we have done.

Now all the Y2K excitement has passed, but the need for personal preparedness has become more obvious to the average person. More people are better prepared then ever before. We hope that this trend will continue into the future. There are going to be many events that will underscore this required change in attitude.

There are some who are so challenged economically or physically that preparation seems out of reach. But everything you can do to prepare will help. So DO something. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

If we are prepared properly we can deal with any crisis reasonably, and without fear. Those who refuse to prepare may pay a horrible price. I urge all who visit this site to take action. Those who can act rather than react will be able to make a very important contribution to their communities.

I believe that you will always be ahead to be independent in every way possible. Build your community, warn your neighbor, and if you can't fix the problem at least you can avoid contributing to it.

Solar Power is a real, valid, working alternative that can help you be more independent.

POWER CAN BE YOURS.....FROM THE ENERGY OF THE SUN..... Even Fossil fuels came from the energy of the universe but today we can harness this energy without waiting a few million years... Whether it be from the convection currents of the air or direct solar radiation.... Here is a door to the resources needed to assist you in your efforts to Harness the Sun....

The *American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) quoted a research paper recently that predicted a new energy shortage about the year 2002. Unlike the previous oil shortage, the increased demand for energy use and lack of new 'on-line' sources of oil and limited new refinery capacity will sharply increase world prices and keep prices high. The AWEA also quoted research that indicates proven oil reserves will be exhausted by 2020. Proven natural gas reserves will be exhausted by 2040, and proven coal reserves will be gone by 2050. The only debate is when the energy crunch begins, not IF.

This rapid depletion of reserves is due in large part to the rapid industrialization of Asia, and northern Europe. Countries that were isolated from the rest of the free world and unable to participate in the world's free markets are now moving quickly to take their place in this newly opened economic frontier.  Energy is the cornerstone of any highly technical society, and these new players in the technology game are ramping up the rate of their consumption of oil at an amazing rate.

While I share the suspicions of many that energy politics plays a large role in 'shortages', the fact is that the motivations of those making the decisions are not under our control. We need to act for ourselves and take responsibility for our energy needs to the extent we are able. Whether these shortages are real, or artificial contrivances that suit the agendas of those playing the game of 'World Politics', the impact on our personal lives will be very very real! When we allow ourselves to be excessively dependent on others we lose our ability to act for ourselves.

The signs have been posted. Warning has been given. If we have any sense at all we'll implement as much renewable energy as we can.

Many people feel that history demonstrates that energy will be abundant in the future, and base the projected future estimates of energy costs on what they've 'learned' from the past. While using the past as a tool to plan for the future is wise, care is required in the conclusions we draw from history! Remember double digit inflation? Remember gas lines? Remember the Berlin wall? Things are going to change and the future has always been unpredictable. Will you be ready? What level of risk can you afford?

Thank-you for stopping by! This site is now operational, but we will be constantly adding material. There is always more to do and the topics covered here are broad. This leaves a lot of room for growth and improvement. Be sure to email us if there are problems, or when you see where we can improve. We want to hear from you.

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