'Secrets' To Becoming More Independent

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Most people want to be independent financially, and if asked directly most people will choose the option of being in control of their own lives. None of us like to be pushed around or have our lives dictatorially managed for us. There is a free spirit in all mankind, that yearns for self actualization.

However, in order for to be independent we need the information required to turn an ambiguous desire into reality. Great ideas are powerful instruments of social and personal change that can transform lives, institutions, countries, and ultimately the whole world.

In today's world there are many people looking for good, practical methods that they can put to use to better themselves. Unfortunately the information available is not necessarily to be trusted, and is often presented in a form that is not easy to understand. The goal here is to make a difference by demystifying and communicating ideas that can help us gain greater freedom at every level.

We want to provide an access point that will assist you in applying the power of the great ideas and technology that is available today. We want help all our readers find answers that will improve their lives. Not just ideas and information but tools that our readers can actually apply and benefit from.

We will source articles on a wide variety of topics, so please be patient. What we would like to help accomplish is huge, and it will take time. I hope you enjoy dropping in and reading the content that is here. We will be working hard to strengthen content and relevancy to make this site a great resource for real people. People like you.


Larry Ashworth

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