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Disasters - Why Food Storage?

Food Storage

There's been so much written about food storage that this topic is a little intimidating, but it's something that needs to be discussed. In fact, I think the matter is urgent. There are storm clouds on the horizon, and as with all preparations for the future, you can't wait until the disaster occurs to start doing something about it.

Why store food?

Food is an absolute necessity to sustain life, maintain health, and provide a sense of well being. In just one day without food we begin to become lethargic, and very hungry. Food quickly becomes a major issue.

Any disaster is such because we don't see it coming. If we knew the future in advance we could easily plan to be somewhere else, get what we need at the last minute, etc. We must exercise a degree of foresight and prepare for the unexpected.

As we consider the risks we live with daily remember that in addition to natural disasters, there are global threats that are very real. Statistically it is only a matter of time before we are confronted with a life threatening situation that is beyond anything in our experience. Lack of imagination has no protective affect against the difficulties of the future.

We see on the TV occasional video of people starving, are we immune? The sun is radiating more heat, and the warm current that makes europe suitable for growing food is slowing. For whatever reason, weather patterns are changing and food production could easily be seriously impacted. We live in an age of intense ideological and political struggles, drought, global intrigue, off the shelf nuclear technology and missile systems. Are we so safe?

Ok, so your a real Pollyanna and believe that people can and will peacefully work out their differences. If that's what you think, let me remind you that we have Super Volcanoes around the world due to explode at any time. We know that asteroids and comets have and will collide with the earth. Major earthquakes commonly reshape our planet. Researchers have discovered that dramatic swings in world climate are common to earth's history. These major catastrophes have occurred many times. In fact, the more we learn about this dynamic world on which we live, the more we can see that we're vulnerable. We must use our brains and understanding of these risks as a motivator to becoming better prepared. We don't know the future, but we know it's coming our way and it could get ugly.

I was in the state of New York when there was a trucking strike. On my way home I stopped in to the local market to pick up some food supplies. The store was empty! I asked the manager if he was closing the store. He said no, and filled me in on the strike. People had come in and bought everything in sight! The store was cleaned out in minutes. People panic when they are caught unprepared.

Food is delivered to stores 'just in time' for purchase. There are no warehouses or local food stored for later purchase. What you see is what get. Enough for a day or two of normal purchases. Trucks usually deliver daily to distribute the amount of food normally purchased. Panic buying is just not built in to the food delivery system. Next time you go to the store take a closer look.

Potential Victims of Success

A big reason we're so short sighted in planning for the future is that the wealth and tranquility of this nation has lulled us into complacency. It's easy to feel isolated from cause and effect. We don't save money because we have credit. We don't provide for the future because based on our past experience there's no reason to worry. Stores are open 24 hours a day, read