'Secrets' To Becoming More Independent

Independent Thinking - Attitude Is The Key!

The accomplishment of anything in life begins with the desire to do something that has personal meaning and that has heart felt value. Success is an expression of love, service, and a commitment to excellence. True success often has little to do with money, political power, fast cars or fame. Success is what you feel as you try to make a positive difference in your corner of the world. It's a light that shines brightly against the backdrop of darkness, greed, personal advantage and manipulation.

As you adopt powerful principles of greatness, you will find your life is rewarding personally and the good you can accomplish is unlimited. You may even find that you do well economically, which is a great blessing. I believe that money and personal benefit should not be allowed to overshadow your positive ambitions. In order to have the strength you need to do great things, your focus must remain at a higher level. Once you focus on yourself you become weaker and your leadership (especially in your own eyes) becomes suspect. After all, as a leader your first mission is to lead yourself.

Pick A Personal Mission Greater Than Self

I can pick goals for myself because there are things that mean a lot to me and that are powerful motivators for me. However, I could never pick goals for you or even my own children. We are meant to be individuals, thinking for ourselves, reaching for the stars and helping others to do the same. Growth is a personal expression of life and the decisions we make for ourselves are the only things for which we can truly take credit. Truth and it's benefits are already there and as we seek them we'll find them. Force might provide 'guidance' but never provides for personal growth. Choose to make your life better, and ...grow!

Human beings need each other. We build communities and social systems to provide for the expression of community and social order that is part of our internal makeup. A society of self reliant, and contributing individuals each committed to doing their best to be the best they can be is undefeatable. Such a system of order requires no outside enforcement of values. Positive values and order are automatic as individuals express their individual pursuit of excellence and selfless drive toward what is best for all.

Obviously, we have a long way to go before we reach this kind of Utopian vista. However, the closer we can get to actualizing this kind of vision of human potential, the better life can be for all of us.

Ideas Have Consequences, Pick The Greatest

Too many of us these days are totally dependent on the government for crisis management in all it's forms. The more we shirk our personal duties for controlling our lives and destinies the more subject we become to negative consequences. When we take a weak approach t