'Secrets' To Becoming More Independent

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Your Garden - What's In Your Garden? by Rebeccah Davis

A few years ago I became interested in building a food storage stash by gardening. So far, this decision has helped us through lean times and.. Read More..

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Independent Power - More About Batteries

Batteries play a key role in successfully living off the grid. The more information you have about them, the easier it is to build a system that really works well and meets your needs.. Read More..

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Independent Thinking - Keep your Plans Real

Successfully becoming independent depends on basing your plans on accurate information and realistic goal setting. Here are some thoughts that might be of help. Read More..

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We are glad to have you here. We originally planned on adding new articles every week, sometimes every day. But it hasn't happened that way. However, we are adding content again and we're pleasantly surprised at how many visitors we get here every day.The information here is timeless, and there are always newcomers interested in the things we share here and as we add content the value of this site is growing. We hope you'll bookmark our site and return again soon.

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Some are curious about our name, so just for fun I'll explain. The word 'secret' as a noun has the following definitions:

1. Something kept hidden from others or known only to oneself or to a few.
2. Something that remains beyond understanding or explanation; a mystery.
3. A method or formula on which success is based: The secret of this dish is in the sauce.

We intend to make important 'secret' ideas and information more easily accessible to the public. We want to provide all our readers with the best available insight, in an easy to read and digest format.

Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for people who want to be more independent and self-reliant. The word independent can have many meanings, but in our case we are referring to taking personal responsibility for our lives. Placing into our own hands the control we need to improve our lives, and prepare ourselves to deal with the inevitable problems that we face. No one is going to care about your life and family as much as you do. If we would all do this, then many personal tragedies could be avoided. We'd all be safer, and much happier.

Independence has implications that extend beyond producing your own power, or accumulating money, or learning how to defend yourself. It is an exciting multifaceted way of viewing this world that we live in. It strengthens individuals, families, communities, and the nation in which we live.

We want to turn the esoteric slogan 'be prepared' into a way of living. What we need are tools and sound thinking and step by step planning, not just platitudes and sound bytes. We don't just want to feel good. We want to provide greater security for our families and friends. Together we can make that happen.


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